Altar Servers are trained ministers who assist the priest during Mass. Their name comes from the Latin word “ministrare” which means ‘’to serve’’. Their role is recognized by the Conciliar Constitution as an integral part of the liturgic office, and as such demands conduct and behavior from those who serve that is in keeping with it.

Altar Servers must follow the example of Jesus, who did not hesitate to place himself at the whole of humanity’s service, and even sacrificed himself. Not only during services, but also throughout everyday life, Altar Servers must live by following His example of love, generosity, commitment and precision.

Altar Servers are Jesus’ ‘friends’, usually young people full of enthusiasm and willingness to take part in the activities of the Church by offering their contributions of love and devotion. The Altar Server ministries is open to all members of the parish that have reached fourth grade.

If you are interested in becoming an Alter Server, Contact Dianne Jones at 262-515-6178 or the parish office at 262-652-1844.