St. Anthony’s Human Concerns Commission

St. Anthony’s Human Concerns Commission(HCC) follows the outline of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in responding to the needs of the people of our parish as well as the wider community of Kenosha. The Human Concerns Commission sponsors the annual Alzheimer’s Walk, Blood Drive and Right to Life events in cooperation with other parishes and NGO’s. Additionally, HHC has responded to the needs of the less fortunate in Kenosha with donations of food in feeding the homeless.
Within our own parish, we reach out to our parishioners in nursing homes and look for ways to meet the needs of our fellow worshipers in Christ.

Human Concerns Drive
School Supplies for Children in Kenosha

Human Concerns is collecting School Supplies for a few local Kenosha School elementary children whose families are having difficulty purchasing school supplies.

We are asking for the following supplies:
Back packs for grade schoolers
Pencils and Rubber pencil top erasers and pencil sharpeners
Washable Magic Markers – Small and large
24 Count Crayola (crayons)
Student Size Scissors with round tips
Glue sticks – large and small
Grade school rulers
Donations are welcome as well.

The school supplies drive runs now until until September 12th.

There will be a box in the back of church for this collection/donation effort.

Many thanks for your continued generosity as a parish that follows the dictates of Jesus. God’s Blessings!