The Sacrament of Baptism opens the door to the entire Christian life, gives new life to the spirit, marks with the imprint of Christ the one who is going to belong to him and signifies the grace of the redemption Christ won for us by his cross.  Becoming a saint is our greatest desire at St Anthony’s.

In many ways, this is the most important day of our lives.  Our Original Sin is removed; we receive Sanctifying Grace, the supernatural indwelling of God in our soul; and we become a son or daughter of God and heir to Heaven.

Parents wishing to have a child baptized at Saint Anthony must attend Baptism Preparation Classes before making an arrangement to choose a date for the baptism. We strongly encourage both parents to attend these classes before the birth of the baby.

Classes are held immediately after 10 am Mass and are scheduled as needed by calling Alan Padlock at 262-515-4363.

Please keep in mind when choosing godparents ~ at least one sponsor must be a baptized, confirmed, practicing Catholic and it is required that the Sponsor Form be signed and approved by the parish at which the sponsor is currently registered. The Sponsor Form should be returned to the Parish Office at St. Anthony at least two weeks prior to the baptism date.

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